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September 20, 2019 | Blog | No Comments

I’m going to put the heavier matters referred to in my previous post aside for a few moments (things are improving). Instead I’ll reflect on the fact that I have 4 weeks until I head home.

My favorite shirt was $5 on a clearance rack at Target a few years back.

I need a reminder to “Stay present.” I’ve grown fond of describing myself as someone who likes to think things to death. I suspect being present will be a lifelong effort for me.

Life in the States is calling. I’m doing my best to plan what I must and let the rest lie. I’m trying to balance between thinking about life when I get home and reflecting on the last 5 months.

If you are anxious you might also be trying to be two places at once. Like Scotland and Denver…with a sick bunny.

At the moment my plans include lots of journaling. In addition to the personal accounting I’ve (mostly) kept up with, I plan to do some of those great New Age-y questions like “What would you do if you could not fail?” Or my favorite turn on this “What would you do even if you knew you might fail?” What do I want so badly that the possibility of failure doesn’t scare me away?

I also plan to write a sort of manifesto. Rather than saying “It’s just who I am” I believe in the power behind deciding who you want to be and then setting about making that a reality (or something close to it).

Got any other ideas for me?

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