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October 14, 2019 | Blog | No Comments

When I booked my flight home it was a choice between a relatively cheap flight Tuesday or Thursday. Who doesn’t want an extra two days in London??

Me, it turns out. I’ve done a pretty good job compartmentalizing and shutting away my occasional bouts of homesickness. However, this has become more difficult in the last week or so.

Our brains are amazing, mysterious things. My subconscious has decided to lift the curtain between home and living abroad. This has manifested in strange, seemingly inconsequential ways. I had tiny kitchen sink that was vaguely annoying for several weeks in Edinburgh. It was only in my last few days there that I fondly thought of my giant kitchen sink at home. I can soak a 12in skillet flat in that sucker.

And I’m finding London…annoying. It’s loud. It’s sprawling. It doesn’t have a magnificent castle on top of an ancient volcano.

Some of this annoyance stems from being on my own yet again. I miss my Scotland friends. I miss my Dublin friends. I miss my Oklahoma family. I miss my Denver friends and framily members (oh look, a new word).


I’m making the best of it. Visiting places in London that I didn’t get to when I was here with my mom a few years ago. It doesn’t do me any good to sit at (what passes for) home. But I am counting the hours before I can board the plane.

This guy’s impatience resonated with me when I visited the National Gallery today.

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