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Blank Space

November 30, 2018 | Blog | No Comments

Wasted time and inefficiency in general drives me crazy. So I sometimes plan things within an inch of their life. When you arrange the puzzle pieces beforehand you get a puzzle that fits together without gaps, overlaps, and blank space.

However, I’ve started to learn the value of blank space. For example, I’ve been on vacations where half-way through another person suggests a hidden gem to visit but I can’t fit it in because I’ve got other things planned each day.

Calendar quoteOf course, this is nothing to cry over. In that instance I’m trading awesome for awesome. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But what if sometimes I could trade blank space for awesome?

As we approach the end of the year I’m reminded of my New Year’s resolution. “Leave rooms for the dreams you didn’t know you had.” In other words, maybe don’t plan things within an inch of their life.

When I quit my job to start a coaching business, it was a big leap into the unknown. Somehow I had faith that, even if I didn’t know exactly how things would turn out, they would turn out OK. Plenty of space for undiscovered dreams and goals.

So now not only am I building a coaching business, I’m an instructional designer. I’ve designed courses in several of my former jobs and I enjoy it. So getting paid to do it on my own schedule is pretty great.

Space quote

I’m still a big fan of planning. But taking little leaps into the unknown has taught me not to fear the bigger leaps. Like quitting your job. I had a plan for that but it wasn’t set in stone. Thank goodness.

A Paradox

October 6, 2018 | Blog | No Comments

We build confidence to take risks by having the confidence to take risks.

If we’re ever to have the guts, chutzpah, (lady)balls, or daring to take a risk, it helps to look back on a previous risk that turned out for the best. And I am of the belief that unless said risk resulted in death or dismemberment, you got something good out of the experience. If only a lesson learned. And nothing is more valuable than learning.

The only way to fail is to not show up. So it was with that attitude that I quit my job and became a consultant. Four years of hard work paid off as I left my company with the prospect of immediate consulting work I was genuinely excited about.

And so I celebrate the signing of a contract. My first.


A toast to risks that give the confidence to take the next big leap.

Is Quitting your job an Accomplishment?

September 11, 2018 | Blog | No Comments

I don’t have a job right now and that’s OK. At least, that’s what I keep repeating to myself.

I had a job working for a wonderful nonprofit where my coworkers were smart, dedicated, and kind. Why in the hell would anyone leave such a place?!? I keep repeating that to myself too.

Despite the fact that I have no idea whatsoever how to run a business, I’m following my head and heart. helping other people achieve their dreams is my dream. So I’m becoming a carer and life coach. But first I need to make some changes. Live leaving steady income behind. You know, little stuff.

In my last week on the job, I received many heartfelt “congratulations.” Does quitting one’s job (without another job to go to) warrant such felicitations? Apparently. Though it won’t feel like an accomplishment until I actually make money with my company.


That said, I VERY MUCH appreciate the well wishes. They really do mean a lot. I know it’s a courageous move to quit your job to start your own thing. The thing about courage is that it never feels like courage to the one committing the act. It feels scary, risky, and maybe foolhardy.

But I haven’t screwed up my life too badly so far, so I’ll probably survive this venture. More to come….